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In the summer of 1929 the First Lilly Reunion was organized at the home of Jonathon Barker at Flat Top, West Virginia, and was held in August 1930.

Thereafter, the reunions were held annually at Flat Top except for the period of 1942 through 1946, during World War II.  This was not a small affair. The Lilly Reunion was famed for its grand-stand shows, carnival rides,
and for drawing thousands of people annually to the sunny mountains of southern West Virginia. Traffic would be backed up for miles as the long lines of Lilly's, their friends, and relatives would ascend the mountain to their designated reunion grounds. People by the thousands looked forward to the annual trek to the famous Lilly Reunion!

After World War II the Reunion resumed in 1947 and was held in 1948 and 1949 until Abe Lilly, the President of the Lilly Reunion Association became ill and was unable to continue. The Lilly Reunion was not to be held again for many years until its Revival. In the summer of 1975 at the home of Thomas E. Lilly, Sr. in Canton, Ohio, a discussion regarding reviving the reunion was held with Thomas, Fred, Paul, and Jack Lilly present.  In the spring of 1976, letters were mailed and many phone calls made.   A meeting was held on Labor Day weekend at the Greenbrier Primitive Baptist Church in Summers County with approximately 75 people attending.  A day of singing, picnicking, and catching up on the many years since the last reunion was enjoyed by all. Plans were made for another reunion to be held in 1977.
In the spring of 1977 Fred and Jack Lilly met with the late Reverend Shirley Donnelly who then wrote several articles about the Reunion in his "Yesterday and Today" column of the Beckley Newspapers.  The 1977 Reunion was held at Grandview Park with Rev. Donnelly being the speaker.  Rev. Donnelly was a great help and inspiration during the early years of bringing the Reunion back to life.

In October of 1977, a formal organizational meeting was held in Beckley, West Virginia, and the Lilly Reunion Association was formed.  Officers were elected and a board of directors appointed.  The Revival had begun!

In order for the Reunion to continue, there had to be a place for it to be held and approximately 30 acres were purchased on Flat Top Mountain for this purpose.  Since then, many upgrades to the property have been made to better facilitate the crowds.   Along with all this came the need for financial support.  Thanks to the dedicated members of the Lilly clan, those needs have been met to date but the struggle continues.  Anyone wishing to help with the reunion is welcomed to make donations, of time, and/or finances to the Lilly Reunion Association.

Those early years of the revival of the Lilly Reunion have passed as have many of the folks responsible for its revival.  Along with those who have left us were many individuals instrumental in the success of the reunion.  We wish to thank all of those living and those departed, for being dedicated to the cause and bringing one of the world's largest family reunions back to life. Now as the Lilly Reunion looks into the 21st century we invite you to come and be with us for the year 2006 reunion to be held August 11, 12 and 13 at the Reunion grounds at Flat Top, WV. We have a great reunion planned. The Reunion will feature Fred Persinger ~Master of Ceremonies. There is never an admission charge for any of the events at the Reunion. THIS IS YOUR INVITATION TO ATTEND.



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