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Journeyed they o'er Alleghenies
When they had no roads to tread,
And the hardships of the forests
Never furnished them a dread;
They possessed the spirit needed
For a home of Freedom born,
And they could not be discouraged
Though in contact they were shorn.
When the reached the Bluestone Valley
With its scenes so nobly grand
The brave and sturdy Robert said,
"Right here we'll make our stand."
Though the Indians tried to slay them
And no neighbors near had they,
But they meant to brave this wilderness
For their spirits said to stay;
With the ax they built their mansion
In the forest wild and deep,
And no howl of beast nor savage
Could disturb their nightly sleep;
The hardships of the jungle
Was to them mere childish fun,
But their meals sometimes depended
On their skillful use of gun;
You can all see very plainly
That they did not starve to death
For to try to count their numbers
Puts you almost out of breath.
From this humble Bluestone cabin
They have scattered everywhere,
In all lines of occupation
You find the Lillys have their share;
They are perched upon each hillside
And in ev'ry glade and glen.
And you'll find them patriotic
Just the same as other men'
Some have made quite able preachers
In their duty to their God;
Others made successful farmers
As they worked with plant and sod;
Some have had careers in business
That we'd have to call success;
Some have made such skillful lawyers
They could clear up any mess;
Some have gone away to legislate,
Just to help make useful laws;
Some have gone away as soldiers
To defend their Country's cause;
Some have been good merchants
And were honest as Abe Lincoln;
While some have turned to pedagogs
To train the young in thinkin';
Some have gone into the earth
To get coal from the mines;
Some have guided locomotives
On the greatest railroad lines.
Yes, they've been a busy people
And they've been both wrong and right
And may do anything from preaching
Down to making roosters fight;
Now, no matter what they're doing
And regardless of their creed
They must have a big reunion
For it's just the thing they need;
They will there forget their labors
And meet friends of former years
Where friendship shall be cherished
And bring many happy tears.

C.J. Lilly ~ From the
1930 Lilly Reunion Book
Thanks Trish Lilly for this Picture
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