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Our annual Lilly Reunion depends on family and friends to ensure its future.  The Board of Directors works hard all year with available funds to make the next reunion a reality.  It is an expensive endeavor and we try to be good stewards with the money in our treasury.  EVERYONE works on a volunteer basis...we have no paid employees.  We don't charge admission for entertainment and try to keep concession and souvenir prices as low as possible.  And we're trying really hard to keep it that way.

There are several ways for you to help.  Contact information is included below, but you can always ask any Board Member for assistance.

Monetary Donation to the Lilly Reunion

We welcome financial contributions in any amount and at any time of the year.  A donation can be designated for a specific project or for the general fund.  No donation is too small...or too large.  It can be as simple as collecting your loose change, adding to our donation cans at the reunion, or writing a check.

Donation - In Celebration of a Loved One

        The Lilly Reunion Association has several options that can be made to celebrate the lives of your loved ones:

        *  Personal Page in the Lilly Reunion Program:  You can submit pictures and a story/memorial to be published in the next year's program. Additions to the program are usually due by June 1.  For more information, contact Ginger Lilly at of call her (540) 691-6391.

        *  Picture on the Lilly Reunion Memorial Wall:  If you would like to place a picture on our Memorial Wall in the Lilly Cafe building, please provide a framed picture and a $100 donation.  Contact Mary Beth DeMaria at

        *  Monetary donation through your Last Will and Testament or Living Trust:  You can bequeath a donation in your will.  It's a wonderful gift that will definitely keep giving to the Lilly generations to come.

        *  Monetary donation in lieu of flowers:  This request can be written in the obituary to ask that a donation be made to the Lilly Reunion Association in memory of the deceased instead of flowers.

        *  Memorial Brick:  You can purchase a 4 x 8 or 8 x 8 brick engraved with an inscription of your choice.  Engraved bricks are placed on the flagpole base at the Lilly Reunion Grounds.  There is an order form in the Lilly Reunion Program and also on this website.  Give or send orders to Mary Beth.  Bricks will be ordered by June 1 to ensure delivery before August.

Your Time:  The Lilly Reunion Association is always grateful for help with planning and executing of our reunion weekend.  Whether you can come help on a work day with cleaning or maintenance, assist in the kitchen during the reunion, or want to commit to joining our Board of Directors to work year-round in order to perpetuate future reunions, we welcome you.  Please contact any current Board Member, if you are interested.

Your Talents:  If you have a talent for making souvenir item, for entertaining, or for providing a service you think we could utilize, please let us know.  We are always looking for family talent that can help the reunion offer top-notch family products/entertainment.


Financial Contact:

Mary Beth DeMaria - Treasurer or


(please leave a message if there is no answer). 


Checks should be made payable to:

Lilly Reunion Association

c/o Mary Beth DeMaria, Treasurer

146 Scott Acres

Scott Depot, WV 25560


Thank you for visiting our website and

we hope to see you at the Reunion!


Darrell Lilly - President